Wednesday, 2 May 2012

TD06, TD05, BT06 Review

Hi guys! omg.. its been so long since we last posted :D

sorry guys! All of team Bloo-D's members were busy with our studies ( Exams ) and yeah, we have been visiting dhoby ghaut weekly now to slack, LOL, if you recognise who we are lolz. Austen is one of us :D, i am william :D

Anyways, so, bloo-D has opened a few boxes of bt06, about 12 trial decks in total too, and we only got one word to say.

wow...... LOL.

Firstly, golden paladins and narukami totally blown our mind, and our wallet :P.

Firstly, lets talk about the trial deck, the trial deck's cover cards, Garmall and Thunder Break dragon, each can reach up to 26k power with the 11k boost, which will swing for a 25k 2 triggers pass against a typical 11k vanguard.... We have playtested this deck against a few people and this deck IS indeed very strong .... the only problem with it is consistency as if you do not ride Garmall or Thunder break your vanguard is going to be slightly weaker, as opposed to the having alternatives like Blonde Aezel and Vermillion Kaiser.

BT06, what has made us so hyped about this pack?

2. Angel Feather ( i. don't . think. you. guys . need . me .to . explain..)
3. Golden paladins
4. Narukami
5. Nova grappler support :D

In our next post, we will be doing a more detailed report and give decklists for each of the decks XD so please stay tuned for it :D

Monday, 26 March 2012

BT06 - Breaker of limits Golden Paladin

So now, the BT06 scans are out, well at least for some of the cards. Guess what. Before the scans were out, Team Bloo-D was thinking, ok, we are betting that BT06 is going to change the metagame very heavily, like how SSD and Barcgal changed the meta in BT02.

We were wrong...


Why do we say so? Lets take a look at some of the cards.
Firstly, we have to know the new mechanics.
LIMIT BREAK - Limit break means that when u have a certain amount of damage, you may activate a effect.

e.g. LB4 - during your turn when this unit attacks the vanguard he gets plus 5k power.

so now, lets move into the cards!

Firstly, the cover card, a golden paladin.

Burning Lion, Blonde Aezal
Limit Break 4 - you may counter blast 2 to take a look at the top card of your deck, and if it is a golden paladin, you may call it. Blonde Aezal gains the attack power equal to the unit called this way.

For each golden paladin rearguard you have, he adds 1k during your turn.

Isn't this imbalanced? Golden paladins are going to be the new metagame. My prediction was wrong. I was thinking that golden paladins are going to be weak in BT06 as Royal Paladin was an example, it was pretty weak compared to kagero and nova grapplers in BT01.

Now, this card i can be played a few ways. If you are pretty sure that your opponent has no nullifiers in his hand, you can pretty much counter blast 4 and call 2 units out and gain 2 unit's power. However, if my opponent's hand size is pretty big, i will do it on two seperate turns so that it makes a difference, and lasts longer too!

How to counter this card. Basically, same as Majestic Lord Blaster, just use negates, if you have no negates, just say no guard if possible, at least this card doesn't have double critical base.

Now, for the next card i am going to talk about is the Golden Paladin Starter.
He has almost the same effect as barcgal. Just that it is even better! Counter blast 1 and soul charge him, the grade 1 8k and the grade 2 10k to superior ride Blonde Aezal. Why is this even more imbalanced than Barcgal in my opinion? It is because you get to ride to grade 3 first! Instead of Blaster Blade for Barcgal, this means earlier twin drive! Got a good feeling its going to get banned.. LOL..

Other notable cards for golden paladin include Slaygal.
Grade 1 Counter Blast 1 plus 2k. This means you can counter blast 5 for him to be a 17k boost if you want him to be!

This post will end here FOR NOW! We will be continuing on the talks of golden paladin, and for the next few post, we will be talking about


Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hello guys! It is VanillaMilk again! Do watch out for our post on TD05 and TD06 coming up soon!
The trial deck for Golden Paladin and Narukami is coming out, and Team Bloo-D is getting hyped up to see if this trial decks are going to change the meta, or will the BT06 clans and cards make a big change to the competitive scene!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's review on the currently released cards for the trial decks.

When the trial deck is out, we will be getting our copies of it of course, and we will be making GP and NK decks out of the trial deck cards, and posting them here, SO CHECK THEM OUT ONCE THE DECK IS RELEASED!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oracle Think Tank!

Hi guys! It has been 5 days since our last blog post, and today i will like to talk about Oracle Think tank deck and its good and bads.

1. Crazy Hand size
2. Aggressive Deck
3. Stacking your triggers in your deck

1. Expensive
2. Hard to find
3. Takes some experience to play this deck

I would say that this deck is not really suited for beginner players as it requires some form of knowledge on the game and how it is played around with trigger checking especially, and how to maintain a good hand size for the aggressiveness of the oracle think tanks. Why is it important to maintain a regular handsize of 4 and above. Because it is to ensure that milk becomes a 10k boost and CEO and Sakuya becomes 14k without boosting, which will reach 24k at the end of the attack.

How many builds are there for Oracle think tank, well there are actually a few builds of Oracle Think Tank, but i will be sharing some more commonly seen one.

There is the Nova Oracle Think Tank, which is a mix clan deck of both Nova Grappler and Oracle Think tank.

There is also the CEO - Tsukuyomi build. This is the most commonly seen i believe. Their grade 3 build is something like this.

3- Full moon


4- Full Moon
3- CEO

This deck can run the vanguard circle with both of them and both of them can help you boost your hand size. With Full Moon as your vanguard, you can hit 21k, enough for a 15k with 11k and below vanguards, and you can also do her counter blast to thin down your deck.

CEO will help when your opponent's vanguard is 13k or 12k (e.g. DOTE, MLB and PBO ).
CEO can hit 24k in the vanguard circle, which will enable 15k 1 pass guard, and CEO's mega blast can also be used in the rear guard circle, so it is very pressurizing for your opponent to keep saying guard to prevent you from using your mega blast.

The build that I am currently playing now, is the SAKUYA- EURAYLE - FULL MOON build.

2x Sakuya
3x Eurayle
3x Full Moon

How this deck run? Firstly, we must know the under rated Sakuya's effect.
She can hit 14k LIKE CEO! LIKE A BOSS!
And her effect states that when she is ridden into the VG circle, you can return all OTT rearguards back into your hand. How is this good? You can combo this card with stuff like Dark cat, but that is not the main point, the main card you combo with is eurayle.

Because at the start of the game, you are checking 5 cards by 5 cards for the moon tsukuyomi set up, and during these checks, you must be able to stack your cards properly, in the sense that u must remember what is the order of the cards. Usually, we put double trigger by double triggers, and since ott does not usually shuffle their deck, this combo will not be broken by deck cuts etc. However, you might ask, they are the bottom cards in the deck! How do you get to there?

This is where moon shines! The moon set uses their counter blast to burn 2 cards in the deck, which will make 4. Then there is Red eye, psychic bird etc to help you thin your deck even further! The only problem with this strategy is that your memory must be very good to remember the position of the triggers in the late game, which will require lots of planning and memory.. LOL. which is why the ott is not meant for beginner players to play.

How do sakuya help? With the aggressiveness of the Oracle Think tank, and if your opponent knows about this double trigger trick, he will always guard no pass, and his hand will deplete quite quickly. Pulling off this combo at the correct time will cause a epic beat down to your opponent.

Call all the Eurayles out, and bind everything in your opponent's hand. Usually, your opponent will just use a negate, Isolde, Barri etc, but if your eurayle is lucky you can bind the Isoldes or Barris down, and this will force your opponent to have to use 25k guard which is minimum 3 cards instead of 2, and that is a lot..

Then, follow up in the next turn, you use sakuya and return every eurayle back to your hand and you call them out again.. Binding 3 cards again.. EPIC WIN! WITH DOUBLE TRIGGERING NOW!


This is a summary for oracle think tank deck, please comment if there are any mistakes and please comment for suggestions.



Thursday, 15 March 2012

PBO Deck list

Hello Guys! This is our PBO decklist for the deck that chocomilk ( allan ) just bought today, so yeah :D
Please comment for suggestions and others! Thanks! :D

Grade 0
4x Abyss Freezer
4x Abyss Healer
4x Death Feather Eagle
1x Fullbau
4x Grim Reaper
1x Phantom Bringer Demon

Grade 1

4x Blaster Javelin
4x Black Sage, Charon
4x Dark Shield, Mac Lir
2x Nightmare Painter

Grade 2
3x Blaster Dark
2x Darkness Maiden, Macha
3x Knight of Nullity, Masquerade (
2xSkull Witch, Nemain

Grade 3
4x Phantom Blaster Dragon
4x Phantom Blaster Overlord

Hi guys! 15/3/2012 blog post !

Hello people! It has been about 2 days since our last blog post! And it is because me and my vanguard team mates have  been going to dhoby ghaut's vanguard march holidays events quite often. Firstly, i will like to say, GO CHECK OUT CHOCOMILK98! It is our team Bloo-D's youtube channel! Currently, it has a few box openings and a few deck reviews, it has little views and suscribers, but we hope to change that! Duel videos and casts of the metagame will be uploaded soon!

Please suscribe and comment/watch our videos :D We really appreciate it!

I am Vanillamilk in the channel, my youtube account is called Burakkufezzafan (yes i used to play black feather in yugioh LOL).

Chocomilk is the owner of this account, but we started sharing accounts for the team :D

Thats the link to our channel!

Today at the vanguard festival, it was really nice as a young kid suddenly came up to us and said " hey aren't you chocomilk and vanillamilk?" We were very surprised, as we did not show our faces in the videos, but he said he recognised us from our voices. We were so surprised! Thanks bro for the support!

Ok now back to our blog post. This blog post is about the event today, and just some random things that we did there. Firstly, there were so many bermuda triangle decks o.0... really, a lot, almost half of the players i played with had a bermuda triangle deck ( which includes myself :D )..
There were different builds like pacifica, raindear, reviere etc, which was really good as i could test out what build was the best.

My oracle think tank deck shined quite well today. I managed to pull of the 2x Eurayle 1x Sakuya combo very nicely at  the correct double trigger that i calculated ;D. so much for following anime LOL

Chocomilk bought a Shadow paladin deck today, PBO build. Let me say that is was really tough fighting a 13k vanguard with my other decks as the highest i reached was 15k guard 1 pass. Which was still quite tought ( sakuya with milk behind ) but he could always persona blast and have high attack powers which made it quite hard to guard unless i had a chocolat in my hand. LOL. This is why the magic number 13k vanguards are so imbalanced.. so hard to hit :P

These are the foils in the deck, complete deck list will come in the next post as i cant really remember what is his exact deck list ( i do not have misaki styled memory )

4x PBO
4x PBD
3x Blaster Dark ( ok he is not foil but screw it, we have one less..)
1x Gurubau
2x Nemain
4x Maclir
3x Masquerade

Monday, 12 March 2012

Left 4 Dead 2 / Vanguard EB02 / Vanguard Singapore Event

Hi Guys! In today's post, because i have a bit of time , i will be talking about Left 4 Dead 2, Vanguard EB02 and a event that i attended today.

What about L4D2 you say? Well, firstly, for those who do not know what this game is, which i believe is a very small minority, it is a game centered around a zombie apocalypse. There are two parts of the game now, L4D1 and L4D2. There are a few modes such as campaign which revolves around 4 survivors trying to get through the zombie crisis, while there are also versus play, 4v4, which is 4 survivors fighting against the campaign and the special infected are played by human players, then they switch over after every chapter, and compare points and damage done.

Why do i want to talk about this game today? I have recently been back into the L4D2 scene and i have seen that it is actually one of the more played games in LAN shops. It is really fun, but valve has not released a 3rd sequel to the game, even though the 2nd one has been out for quite a while, which i believe is the main reason to why competitive L4D2 play has been stopped. I really wish that they could bring back the competitive L4D2 play in versus or scavenge modes as i find this game really interesting as a very special kind of FPS. Please comment below on what you think about competitive L4D2 game play in versus modes and other different modes.

I will like to talk about the versus mode now, because since i am quite free now o.0//. The special infected you can play now is Smoker, Boomer, Spitter, Jockey, Charger, Hunter, Tank. I will like to give strategies for Charger today.

For charger, it is one of the more straight forward special infected. His special skill is he can charge and knock into enemy players, causing knock down or he can grab onto one single person and charge a certain distance or till he hits a object, then he will start knocking him on the floor till he dies.
Charger can be played by charging humans off buildings. That is the more straight forward way that most people learn how to play charger. At roof tops such as no mercy, or at maps such as dead center, chargers are deadly if used properly. Some people might use side rush as a tactic too. it is when u charge into somebody, and the impact knocks the person next to your victim into the air, causing him to fall off the building and die. A death charge does 300 damage immediately.

Chargers can also be used to bring "solo men" away from their team, giving time for your other special infected such as jockey and smoker time to prepare for their jobs while the team desperately tries to save the victim.
Charger's melee attacks are also very strong, it does 10 damage per hit, so sometimes, it is more advised to use your melee attack to hit somebody, down him, then charge at the higher health people.
Charger is one of the killers in the team, and is also one of the easier ones to master with a bit of practice and precision.

Lolz, now enough for computer gaming above o.0. Now i will talk about Vanguard EB02, Diva's festival! Yes! Its finally here, and i have opened 2 boxes so far. 2 Reviere RRR, not bad for my deck, but bad for my collection since i really wanted a Pacifica. But anyways, i consider myself lucky as i have pulled 2 negates from 2 boxes, and i have seen people with 0 negates from 4 boxes. really sad.

The clan, i have tested out, is actually very good! It is both aggressive and yet your hand size is always maintained at 6+!. It can play lots of builds such as soul build, aggro build or stuff like that, reviere, pacifica, rain dear, lena, etc.

And of course, without me saying, the cards are very cute too! CUTE<3

Vanguard SG Event today was held at Plaza Singapura, for those of you who do not know about it, it is going to be held from 12th to 18th of march, and today is the first day. We have seen crowds of people going, and i am surprised, there are quite a bit of girls our age who play vanguard.. hmm. interesting, anyways, we could exchange promo items at the event such as a promo wingal and promo plastic folder. There were kai and aichi designs on them.. However, the most fun part i guess was when we were all having fun playing with other people. It was cool meeting with other CF VG players, and since the new BMT clan has been out, i have seen 2 or 3 BMTs including my own in the event, in which many of them were testing out the deck. Not bad, mine fared quite well.

To end of the day, i will give you my deck list of BMT.
It is NOT COMPLETED, and i have built this out of the 2 boxes i bought.

1x Reviere Starter
4x Draw
4x Critical
4x Heal
4x Stand
4x Mermaid Idol reviere
2x Navy Dolphin Ameer
2x Mermaid Idol Ellie
4x Mermaid Idol Sedna
2x Blazer's Pleasures
4x Super Idol Reviere
2x Top Idol Aqua
2x Snow white of the corals, Claire
4x Mermaid Idol Flute
2x Reviere
2x Raindear
2x Carine
1x Lena

Total = 50