Monday, 26 March 2012

BT06 - Breaker of limits Golden Paladin

So now, the BT06 scans are out, well at least for some of the cards. Guess what. Before the scans were out, Team Bloo-D was thinking, ok, we are betting that BT06 is going to change the metagame very heavily, like how SSD and Barcgal changed the meta in BT02.

We were wrong...


Why do we say so? Lets take a look at some of the cards.
Firstly, we have to know the new mechanics.
LIMIT BREAK - Limit break means that when u have a certain amount of damage, you may activate a effect.

e.g. LB4 - during your turn when this unit attacks the vanguard he gets plus 5k power.

so now, lets move into the cards!

Firstly, the cover card, a golden paladin.

Burning Lion, Blonde Aezal
Limit Break 4 - you may counter blast 2 to take a look at the top card of your deck, and if it is a golden paladin, you may call it. Blonde Aezal gains the attack power equal to the unit called this way.

For each golden paladin rearguard you have, he adds 1k during your turn.

Isn't this imbalanced? Golden paladins are going to be the new metagame. My prediction was wrong. I was thinking that golden paladins are going to be weak in BT06 as Royal Paladin was an example, it was pretty weak compared to kagero and nova grapplers in BT01.

Now, this card i can be played a few ways. If you are pretty sure that your opponent has no nullifiers in his hand, you can pretty much counter blast 4 and call 2 units out and gain 2 unit's power. However, if my opponent's hand size is pretty big, i will do it on two seperate turns so that it makes a difference, and lasts longer too!

How to counter this card. Basically, same as Majestic Lord Blaster, just use negates, if you have no negates, just say no guard if possible, at least this card doesn't have double critical base.

Now, for the next card i am going to talk about is the Golden Paladin Starter.
He has almost the same effect as barcgal. Just that it is even better! Counter blast 1 and soul charge him, the grade 1 8k and the grade 2 10k to superior ride Blonde Aezal. Why is this even more imbalanced than Barcgal in my opinion? It is because you get to ride to grade 3 first! Instead of Blaster Blade for Barcgal, this means earlier twin drive! Got a good feeling its going to get banned.. LOL..

Other notable cards for golden paladin include Slaygal.
Grade 1 Counter Blast 1 plus 2k. This means you can counter blast 5 for him to be a 17k boost if you want him to be!

This post will end here FOR NOW! We will be continuing on the talks of golden paladin, and for the next few post, we will be talking about



  1. that is so f***ed up, and abit of imbalance, thank god the english cards wont reach this level for a few months... this will prevent an overspam like royal paladin and kagero ... albeit most of the royal paladins are little kids who just bought the trial deck and decided to rip toshiki kai of his final turn phrase or developing a crush on blaster blade,

  2. nope english will get bt06 the same time japanese get it, english will skip bt03-bt05 to get bt06. i guess this is to ensure at the end of the year, the world grand prix can really be balanced, as opposed to jap cards being so fast ahead.

    btw can i know how you found this blog? :D