Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hi Guys!

Hi Gus, this is our new blog for Team Bloo-D. Hopefully, it will be continued for much a longer period rather than our old blog :X :X P.S for all the missing of action.

Anyways! This Blog this time will not only contain Vanguard stuff! it will also contain Duel Masters, Yugioh for card games, and as well, we will be covering some E-Sports, such as Dota 2 and Starcraft 2. Yes i have a beta key for dota 2~ XD

Today however, i will like to talk on Duel Masters and a few of our E-Sports.

Firstly, i will like to share a typical NecroDragon Gulgeneraid Deck.

The card, necro dragon gulgeneraid's effect is pretty simple, whenever another dragon other than necrodragon gulgeneraid( i will just call him gulgen from now on), is destroyed, you may summon him from your grave yard for no cost.
This is a pretty competitive deck in the OCG scene as it is fast, and very aggressive.

Firstly, the most simple way to play this deck is using Magical Dragon Balbegineus, i will just call him Balba from now on, Balba's effect is immediately when he is summoned, you may destroy him to summon a non evolution creature. (Btw, his name on duel masters wikia is Babelginus, satanic dragon).
You can use him to target Magma Dragon Jagalzor and use any random creature to attack your opponent for a shield break, then u can get up to 5 double breakers speed attacker in 1 turn. It is common meta that blockers are rarely seen in OCG decks.

Another nice way you can play him, is using TerraDragon Drapi. Drapi is a 1 mana 15k nature terra dragon and his effect is if you do not have 9 mana or more cards in your mana zone, destroy him, so he is a free suicider for you to pull out all your gulgens.

Other methods to play this card include inferno signing your babelginus, or using dandy eggplant! You can put a dragon into your mana zone, and dandy eggplant's effect is that it can destroy 1 mana to search your deck and put in another mana, usually used for space charging abilities in Alien decks. Destroy a dragon type mana and gulgen's effect all activates again.

Now, why is this deck so fast? There are easy ways to get all of them into the grave yard. E.G emergency typhoon. Primal Scream. Etc Etc. There is also Heavy, Dragon god, for you to abuse in your deck. If you can find Endless all Delete DMC, it comes with satanic dragon, inferno sign and 4 gulgens, good enough deck already.

This deck is also very aggressive because even if you destroy the dragons, soon enough they are all going to come back at 0 cost most of the time, which is why this deck almost never runs out of attackers. THE ONE HUGE PROBLEM WITH THIS DECK.

Cyber N World
Effect : Shuffle each player's grave yard back into the deck and draw 5 each. This totally just destroys your set-up grave and it will affect you as it slows your deck down by a lot now. That card affects most grave yard decks such as grave evo or romanoff/dark knights. This is a card to look out for.. which is why u should try and rush your opponent with dandy eggplant or drapi techniques.

That is all for the NecroDragon Gulgeneraid Deck.. Now, i shall move on to another Duel Masters deck, commonly known as codename sorge deck.

Codename Sorge, 8 mana 8k , effect is when him or another creature is put into the battle zone, you may choose 2 creatures, those two creatures battle. Then, you summon a raging apache lizard, his effect is when he summon, you can summon a cost 8 or less fire or nature psychic. You summon Crimson Rage, the imperial orge blade. Then, when he is summoned, you battle him with raging apache lizard, and he will win, then, crimson rage's effect activates, when a fire or nature hunter psychic wins a battle, you may summon a hunter psychic lesser than the winner's cost, which will be Volg Tiger. Then, when volg tiger is out, you mill till two creatures go into the grave yard from either player's deck, and you chain his effect to codename sorge, and Crimson Rage will battle with the new volg, and another volg will come out again. and so and so forth, mill till your opponent has no more cards in his deck, then you end your turn, and your opponent will lose . :D

That is the CodeName Sorge Volg deck :D

Please watch out for our next post which will be coming up in a few hours time XD !

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