Monday, 12 March 2012

Left 4 Dead 2 / Vanguard EB02 / Vanguard Singapore Event

Hi Guys! In today's post, because i have a bit of time , i will be talking about Left 4 Dead 2, Vanguard EB02 and a event that i attended today.

What about L4D2 you say? Well, firstly, for those who do not know what this game is, which i believe is a very small minority, it is a game centered around a zombie apocalypse. There are two parts of the game now, L4D1 and L4D2. There are a few modes such as campaign which revolves around 4 survivors trying to get through the zombie crisis, while there are also versus play, 4v4, which is 4 survivors fighting against the campaign and the special infected are played by human players, then they switch over after every chapter, and compare points and damage done.

Why do i want to talk about this game today? I have recently been back into the L4D2 scene and i have seen that it is actually one of the more played games in LAN shops. It is really fun, but valve has not released a 3rd sequel to the game, even though the 2nd one has been out for quite a while, which i believe is the main reason to why competitive L4D2 play has been stopped. I really wish that they could bring back the competitive L4D2 play in versus or scavenge modes as i find this game really interesting as a very special kind of FPS. Please comment below on what you think about competitive L4D2 game play in versus modes and other different modes.

I will like to talk about the versus mode now, because since i am quite free now o.0//. The special infected you can play now is Smoker, Boomer, Spitter, Jockey, Charger, Hunter, Tank. I will like to give strategies for Charger today.

For charger, it is one of the more straight forward special infected. His special skill is he can charge and knock into enemy players, causing knock down or he can grab onto one single person and charge a certain distance or till he hits a object, then he will start knocking him on the floor till he dies.
Charger can be played by charging humans off buildings. That is the more straight forward way that most people learn how to play charger. At roof tops such as no mercy, or at maps such as dead center, chargers are deadly if used properly. Some people might use side rush as a tactic too. it is when u charge into somebody, and the impact knocks the person next to your victim into the air, causing him to fall off the building and die. A death charge does 300 damage immediately.

Chargers can also be used to bring "solo men" away from their team, giving time for your other special infected such as jockey and smoker time to prepare for their jobs while the team desperately tries to save the victim.
Charger's melee attacks are also very strong, it does 10 damage per hit, so sometimes, it is more advised to use your melee attack to hit somebody, down him, then charge at the higher health people.
Charger is one of the killers in the team, and is also one of the easier ones to master with a bit of practice and precision.

Lolz, now enough for computer gaming above o.0. Now i will talk about Vanguard EB02, Diva's festival! Yes! Its finally here, and i have opened 2 boxes so far. 2 Reviere RRR, not bad for my deck, but bad for my collection since i really wanted a Pacifica. But anyways, i consider myself lucky as i have pulled 2 negates from 2 boxes, and i have seen people with 0 negates from 4 boxes. really sad.

The clan, i have tested out, is actually very good! It is both aggressive and yet your hand size is always maintained at 6+!. It can play lots of builds such as soul build, aggro build or stuff like that, reviere, pacifica, rain dear, lena, etc.

And of course, without me saying, the cards are very cute too! CUTE<3

Vanguard SG Event today was held at Plaza Singapura, for those of you who do not know about it, it is going to be held from 12th to 18th of march, and today is the first day. We have seen crowds of people going, and i am surprised, there are quite a bit of girls our age who play vanguard.. hmm. interesting, anyways, we could exchange promo items at the event such as a promo wingal and promo plastic folder. There were kai and aichi designs on them.. However, the most fun part i guess was when we were all having fun playing with other people. It was cool meeting with other CF VG players, and since the new BMT clan has been out, i have seen 2 or 3 BMTs including my own in the event, in which many of them were testing out the deck. Not bad, mine fared quite well.

To end of the day, i will give you my deck list of BMT.
It is NOT COMPLETED, and i have built this out of the 2 boxes i bought.

1x Reviere Starter
4x Draw
4x Critical
4x Heal
4x Stand
4x Mermaid Idol reviere
2x Navy Dolphin Ameer
2x Mermaid Idol Ellie
4x Mermaid Idol Sedna
2x Blazer's Pleasures
4x Super Idol Reviere
2x Top Idol Aqua
2x Snow white of the corals, Claire
4x Mermaid Idol Flute
2x Reviere
2x Raindear
2x Carine
1x Lena

Total = 50

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