Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hi guys! 15/3/2012 blog post !

Hello people! It has been about 2 days since our last blog post! And it is because me and my vanguard team mates have  been going to dhoby ghaut's vanguard march holidays events quite often. Firstly, i will like to say, GO CHECK OUT CHOCOMILK98! It is our team Bloo-D's youtube channel! Currently, it has a few box openings and a few deck reviews, it has little views and suscribers, but we hope to change that! Duel videos and casts of the metagame will be uploaded soon!

Please suscribe and comment/watch our videos :D We really appreciate it!

I am Vanillamilk in the channel, my youtube account is called Burakkufezzafan (yes i used to play black feather in yugioh LOL).

Chocomilk is the owner of this account, but we started sharing accounts for the team :D

Thats the link to our channel!

Today at the vanguard festival, it was really nice as a young kid suddenly came up to us and said " hey aren't you chocomilk and vanillamilk?" We were very surprised, as we did not show our faces in the videos, but he said he recognised us from our voices. We were so surprised! Thanks bro for the support!

Ok now back to our blog post. This blog post is about the event today, and just some random things that we did there. Firstly, there were so many bermuda triangle decks o.0... really, a lot, almost half of the players i played with had a bermuda triangle deck ( which includes myself :D )..
There were different builds like pacifica, raindear, reviere etc, which was really good as i could test out what build was the best.

My oracle think tank deck shined quite well today. I managed to pull of the 2x Eurayle 1x Sakuya combo very nicely at  the correct double trigger that i calculated ;D. so much for following anime LOL

Chocomilk bought a Shadow paladin deck today, PBO build. Let me say that is was really tough fighting a 13k vanguard with my other decks as the highest i reached was 15k guard 1 pass. Which was still quite tought ( sakuya with milk behind ) but he could always persona blast and have high attack powers which made it quite hard to guard unless i had a chocolat in my hand. LOL. This is why the magic number 13k vanguards are so imbalanced.. so hard to hit :P

These are the foils in the deck, complete deck list will come in the next post as i cant really remember what is his exact deck list ( i do not have misaki styled memory )

4x PBO
4x PBD
3x Blaster Dark ( ok he is not foil but screw it, we have one less..)
1x Gurubau
2x Nemain
4x Maclir
3x Masquerade

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