Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oracle Think Tank!

Hi guys! It has been 5 days since our last blog post, and today i will like to talk about Oracle Think tank deck and its good and bads.

1. Crazy Hand size
2. Aggressive Deck
3. Stacking your triggers in your deck

1. Expensive
2. Hard to find
3. Takes some experience to play this deck

I would say that this deck is not really suited for beginner players as it requires some form of knowledge on the game and how it is played around with trigger checking especially, and how to maintain a good hand size for the aggressiveness of the oracle think tanks. Why is it important to maintain a regular handsize of 4 and above. Because it is to ensure that milk becomes a 10k boost and CEO and Sakuya becomes 14k without boosting, which will reach 24k at the end of the attack.

How many builds are there for Oracle think tank, well there are actually a few builds of Oracle Think Tank, but i will be sharing some more commonly seen one.

There is the Nova Oracle Think Tank, which is a mix clan deck of both Nova Grappler and Oracle Think tank.

There is also the CEO - Tsukuyomi build. This is the most commonly seen i believe. Their grade 3 build is something like this.

3- Full moon


4- Full Moon
3- CEO

This deck can run the vanguard circle with both of them and both of them can help you boost your hand size. With Full Moon as your vanguard, you can hit 21k, enough for a 15k with 11k and below vanguards, and you can also do her counter blast to thin down your deck.

CEO will help when your opponent's vanguard is 13k or 12k (e.g. DOTE, MLB and PBO ).
CEO can hit 24k in the vanguard circle, which will enable 15k 1 pass guard, and CEO's mega blast can also be used in the rear guard circle, so it is very pressurizing for your opponent to keep saying guard to prevent you from using your mega blast.

The build that I am currently playing now, is the SAKUYA- EURAYLE - FULL MOON build.

2x Sakuya
3x Eurayle
3x Full Moon

How this deck run? Firstly, we must know the under rated Sakuya's effect.
She can hit 14k LIKE CEO! LIKE A BOSS!
And her effect states that when she is ridden into the VG circle, you can return all OTT rearguards back into your hand. How is this good? You can combo this card with stuff like Dark cat, but that is not the main point, the main card you combo with is eurayle.

Because at the start of the game, you are checking 5 cards by 5 cards for the moon tsukuyomi set up, and during these checks, you must be able to stack your cards properly, in the sense that u must remember what is the order of the cards. Usually, we put double trigger by double triggers, and since ott does not usually shuffle their deck, this combo will not be broken by deck cuts etc. However, you might ask, they are the bottom cards in the deck! How do you get to there?

This is where moon shines! The moon set uses their counter blast to burn 2 cards in the deck, which will make 4. Then there is Red eye, psychic bird etc to help you thin your deck even further! The only problem with this strategy is that your memory must be very good to remember the position of the triggers in the late game, which will require lots of planning and memory.. LOL. which is why the ott is not meant for beginner players to play.

How do sakuya help? With the aggressiveness of the Oracle Think tank, and if your opponent knows about this double trigger trick, he will always guard no pass, and his hand will deplete quite quickly. Pulling off this combo at the correct time will cause a epic beat down to your opponent.

Call all the Eurayles out, and bind everything in your opponent's hand. Usually, your opponent will just use a negate, Isolde, Barri etc, but if your eurayle is lucky you can bind the Isoldes or Barris down, and this will force your opponent to have to use 25k guard which is minimum 3 cards instead of 2, and that is a lot..

Then, follow up in the next turn, you use sakuya and return every eurayle back to your hand and you call them out again.. Binding 3 cards again.. EPIC WIN! WITH DOUBLE TRIGGERING NOW!


This is a summary for oracle think tank deck, please comment if there are any mistakes and please comment for suggestions.




  1. Wow, but if I am not wrong, there is only 1 Sakuya in one trial deck...
    Making it expensive to build.
    Also, is it alright to add in a CEO to the S-E-FM build? I need some advice as I started playing CFVG a month ago, and am trying to build an OTT deck.

  2. ok sakuya u don't buy trial deck to get it, just get it from people who don't want theirs anymore, i waited quite awhile to get mine, but anyways.

    are you sakuya sanaito LOL.

    and CEO in the sakuya eurayle build doesn't really help, so it will be more wise to sell your ceo and buy a card that coordinates in the deck LOL

    - william